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Biographical Sketch For the Project Leader
Alexei Yurievich Ozerov
Senior researcher of the Active Volcanism Laboratory, Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (IVS), Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences;
Scientific Secretary of the Seismology and Volcanology Council at the General Committee of the Far-east Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
Member of the Technical Council of the Kamchatka Experimental & Methodical Seismological Department (KEMSD), Geophysical Service, Russian Academy of Sciences;
Member of the Russian Geographical Society;
Member of the Russian Mineralogical Society;
Member of the Scientific Council of Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (IVS);
Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
1981 - graduated from Moscow State University, Geology Department, Dynamic Geology Chair, on "Geological survey, search for and exploration of minerals' deposits".
1993 - was given an academic degree of the Candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences (thesis subject: "Eruption dynamics and petrochemical peculiarities of alumina basalts of the Klyuchevskoi Volcano)
Professional experience:
1981-84 - associate research assistant of the Active Volcanism Lab, Institute of Volcanology (IV) FEB RAS;
1984-93 - research officer of the Active Volcanism Lab, IV FEB RAS;
Since 1993 - senior researcher of the Active Volcanism Lab, IV FEB RAS
Since 1984 until now - Head of the volcanological group at IV FEB RAS;
1989 - Leader of the First Russian-American Volcanological Expedition in Kamchatka;
1997-1999 - Leader of the first-rate Russian-American Seismological Project (participants: IV FEB RAS, KEMSD RAS, Yale and Washington Universities, (USA));
1996-1998, 1999-2001, 2002-2004 - leader of the projects of the Russian Fund for Fundamental Researches;
Carried out researches of the eruptions at the Kamchatka volcanoes: Gorely, Klyuchevskoi, Bezymiannyi, Karymskii, Shiveluch, Avachinskii. Also conducted research works at volcanoes of Antarctica, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Hawaiian Archipelago, Northern America.
Supervisor of 2 post-graduate's works
Publications: over 50 scientific papers
Mountaineer. Rescuer.